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Crab Legs

Half Dozen

Product Description:
Your snow crab legs will arrive precooked and frozen in a specially designated cooler. You can keep thawed crab legs refrigerated (41°F) safely for up to two days. They will maintain their quality and good taste for up to four months in your freezer.
Crab legs are easy to prepare. Gently steam for five minutes or until the meat is warm. You can also drop them into boiling water with your favorite seasonings for five minutes. Either method will produce the most delicious crab legs!
Lindenwood Authentic experience, We have included our Cajun sauce & spices. Once warm, pour the sauce, sprinkle the spices & enjoy!!
3 lbs of crab legs will serve 3 to 4 people.
All orders placed after 5pm will be processed the next business day.


Delivery Methods:
Fedex Delivery
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